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My name is Hope, I'm 24, a passionate dreamer, a football (soccer) fanatic, a hopeless romantic, an erotic writer and a mathematics teacher. In a long distance relationship with the most amazing boyfriend in the world <3

Aloof, cold from the outside but passionate, softie and funny with people whom I really know.
Calm yet wild, quiet yet outspoken. Kind and empathetic, sensitive and caring, ambitious
and determined, creative and imaginative, shy and reserved.

I love to spend my free time alone reflecting about myself, express my feelings by writing and doodling and daydreaming about the future or longing for the past.

My interests:

Football (aka soccer): I'm Obsessed Interista and hardcore Madridista.
Classic anime: I love vintage shojo anime which includes Rose of Versailles and Sailor Moon as the two most favorite anime to me. As well as Slam dunk, captain tsubasa and dragon ball as the favorite shounen anime.
Manga: I like josei manga (manga for older audience *not hentai or adult stuff*).
Video games:I love to play arcade games and old video games on my computer and I also love to play on PS3 and PS2. My favorite games are PES and FIFA series and action games like call of duty.
Books: Almost any kind of books especially self help books, history, psycology, novels (romantic, erotic and suspense) and poetry.
Music: 70's music and 80's music are my favorite but I don't mind listening to any other music genre except hip-hop music.


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